BraiN InfinitY ModulaR

BraiN InfinitY ModulaR is the first Puzzle Toy for dogs based on a new patented and innovative modular system that allows multiple variations.

One base and various different pieces, all compatible with one another, can be combined together to create every day a new, stimulating toy for your dog.

Designed and patented by Eleonora Mentaschi, Behaviourist and Ethologist.

  • Modular parts allow endless possible combinations.
  • One single kit for a number of different complexities.
  • Helps the dog create, develop and strengthen new skills.
  • High quality product Made in Italy.
  • The original and only one natural and eco-friendly company.
  • Designed by professionals and Made in Italy.
  • Save money: buy your first “all-in-one” toy!

BraiN InfinitY ModulaR is…




Endless combinations

Different complexities

Natural and Eco-friendly

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