All Smart Dog toys are made of a patented and innovative material, which has unique and highly special features:

  • Only organic dyes are being used to refine it, therefore they are harmless. Unlike other products on the market, we chose a material the dog can lick and bite safely, avoiding the risk of ingesting harmful substances.
  • If chewed, our material doesn’t splinter, as wood or plastic would do: the risk of swallowing dangerous slivers is avoided.
  • It is glue-free: always paying the maximum attention to the well-being of the dog, we made sure the toys get assembled without glue nor other toxic substances.
  • It is water-resistant and extremely tough.
  • It is eco-friendly: this “wood-like” material is
  • made of pine woodchips and tree cortex, therefore, no trees have been felled.

To make sure our products are long-lasting, safe and, of course, of the highest quality, we chose the material they’re made of after long and careful research.

Innovation and research are, for us, a true commitment. Our goals are:

  • Guarantee the safety for dog and handler: the materials we use for our products are very tough and don’t get easily ruined by use, therefore the dog is always safe.
  • Guarantee a long-lasting product, thanks to the advanced and original material and to our  ever-present attention to details.
  • Guarantee the well-being of the dog: all our Mental Activation toys are made of a special and patented material, characterized by its being nontoxic, glue-free and chemical coloring-free.