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Pettorina Smart Dog Rosso-Nero


The H Harness has been designed and realized in cooperation with the Veterinarians and Dog Trainers of our Multi Professional Team.

Its ideal structure respects the psychophysic well-being of the dog.

Excellent material, attention to details, Made in Italy.


The H Harness has been designed and realized in cooperation with the Veterinarians and Dog Trainers of our Multi Professional Team. Their work created a top grain product, with highly technical specifications, well known and recommended by handlers and professionals.

  • Unlike common harnesses, our H Harness does not interfere with the delicate elbow area nor strains the shoulder blades, thus protecting the health of both puppies and adult dogs.
  • The backward clasp, placed in the middle of the dog's back, prevents the dog from shifting his weight forward and pulling.
  • Not even touching the neck, the harness doesn't hurt the dog's trachea. Many studies have shown how damaging the use of choke collars can be.
  • The comfort of the dogs is guaranteed: the pressure points are placed along the dog's body, so that the weight gets evenly distributed.
  • Thanks to the double buckle on the back, this harness can be worn without lifting the dog's paws nor touching him, making it perfect for those shy, frightened or reactive dogs who don't like contact.
  • Sizes have been carefully designed and are all adjustable in each and every part of the harness, guaranteeing the best and comfortable fit for any kind of dog.

The material the harnesses are made of is simply excellent: their nylon is both extremely soft and resistant, being the same NASA uses to produce parachutes; their buckles, rings and loops are carefully  inspected and tested at different angles of traction.

Every detail gets checked at least three times by our Italian craftsmen before the final product gets approved and put on the market.

This is MADE IN ITALY product Made-in-Italy.


XXS (31-42 cm), XS-Small (34-48 cm), XS-Normal (46-65 cm), S (56-78 cm), M (60-85 cm), L (68-97 cm), XL (81-119 cm)

Our high quality materials and the tests we perform on every item before it is put on the market allow us to give a two year warranty on our harnesses.

Smart Dog offers maximum quality and attention to details. Nevertheless, should your harness suffer from a manufacturing defect, just send it back to us and we'll be glad to replace it.

The warranty includes a replacement for any defect,  breaking or other imperfection not ascribable to the  ravages of time, provided the event occurs during a proper use of the item.

Smart Dog reserves the right to verify the correct use of the harnesses. As inappropriate use we mean, for instance: being chewed by the dog, getting an external cut or failure to comply with washing conditions.

Finding the right size for your dog is easy: Just measure your dog's chest a few centimeters behind the elbows, approximately halfway through his back, and look for the corresponding size in the following table:

Code Chest Measurement
XXS From 31 cm up to 42 cm
XS small From 34 cm up to 48 cm
XS From 46 cm up to 65 cm
S From 56 cm up to 78 cm
M From 60 cm up to 85 cm
L From 68 cm up to 97 cm
XL From 81 cm up to 120 cm


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