Our philosophy

“As a professional I find extremely important the products we create improve both the dogs’ and their families’ life: we guarantee safety, well-being and satisfaction of the man-dog duo” Eleonora Mentaschi, Founder Smart Dog


Respect of the dog

With love and competence, the staff at Smart Dog believes your Dog comes first! All our products have been designed by dog-experts, in order to guarantee safety,  well-being and satisfaction of the primal behavioral and psychophysical needs of your Dog.


Respect of nature

Our most powerful driving force is our love for Dog and Nature. That’s why our raw materials respect the ecosystem balance and are long lasting, eco-friendly,  recyclable, glue-free and nontoxic.


Made in Italy

Italian excellence is known worldwide and we simply want the best quality for the Dog.  Smart Dog products are made by Italian craftsmen and we are happy to guarantee the maximum attention to details and top quality standards.

Our products

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