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This Mental Activation toy has been designed to stimulate the dog's brain in understanding how to solve problems using its paws  in this specific case, extracting the mat is the task required.


This Mental Activation toy has been designed to stimulate the dog’s brain in understanding how to solve problems using its paws  in this specific case, extracting the mat is the task required.

You need to slide the mat under the Plexiglas layer, paying attention to leave enough fabric outside of it.

Hide the treats roughly halfway, making sure your dog cannot reach them with its tongue.

Place the toy in a way the dog can look at it from different angles.

To solve the puzzle, the dog will have to  use its paw and pull the rug out. Some dogs may find the task extremely challenging.

Exclusive Smart Dog product, totally Made in Italy Made-in-Italy.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 x 29 x 6 cm

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We all know a daily and proper physical exercise is fundamental for the well-being of our Dog. Unfortunately, we often forget he also needs an appropriate mental activity.

After all, the brain is the most important part of his body!

For this reason, our toys are designed to stimulate and keep your dog's mind busy. They are meant to be  real brain-teasers the dog has to solve: this way, the dog has a lot of fun while satisfying a deeply “wired” need,  developing new skills and getting positively tired. 

Activating his innate ability in problem solving, we'll have a satisfied, well-balanced and peaceful dog and we'll also prevent all sort of behavioral problems due to hypoactivity.

Smart Dog toys  are designed to develop different skills in the dog, in a sort of increasingly challenging educational path. All is achieved in complete safety, thanks to the totally natural and non-toxic material. Smart Dog line, patented, is designed and created by Eleonora Mentaschi, Master's Degree in Medicina Comportamentale degli Animali d'Affezione (Behavioral Medicine of Companion Animals), who says: “Since Paolo Villani, a real expert of this method, made me realize the importance of mental activation, I've never stopped being surprised by its benefits on dogs.”

It is really important to stimulate the problem solving ability of the dog, and thanks to the mental activation we can:

  • Satisfy his need to engage in activities. It's been widely proved that hypoactivity is the main cause of behavioral problems. Providing physical and mental activity we can prevent and treat some of them, such as destructiveness, vocalization, anxiety etc...
  • Notice how peacefully relaxed our dog will be. Mental activity tires 6/10 times more than the physical one, and it does it in a positive way,  leaving our dog as we want him to be: calm and relaxed.
  • Enhance cognitive abilities in every dog, whatever age he may be. Thanks to the “transfer process”, the dog will be able to transfer competences he has learned in other fields, thus better coping with those situations which previously caused him frustration and stress.
  • Help the dog improve his self control and  thinking.
  • Help shy and insecure dogs to increase and/or strengthen their self-confidence.
  • Reactivate elderly dogs and the ones affected by motor disabilities.
  • Keep a healthy mind, counteracting the precocious ageing.
  • Improve his intelligence and his growing ability in solving problems of increasing difficulty.
  • Enjoy our time together: mental activation toys are fun for both dog and owner; there is no competition involved and they are suitable for any breed and size, working or companion dogs.

Smart Dog line are hand-made by Italian craftsmen, who pay the maximum attention to details.

Every toy has a combination of different colors, so each one of them is a UNIQUE ARTICLE.

Smart Dog Mental Activation Toys are MADE IN ITALY Made-in-Italy.

All Smart Dog toys are made of a patented and innovative material, which has unique and highly special features:

  • Only organic dyes are being used to refine it, therefore they are harmless. Unlike other products on the market, we chose a material the dog can lick and bite safely, avoiding the risk of ingesting harmful substances.
  • If chewed, our material doesn't splinter, as wood or plastic would do: the risk of swallowing dangerous slivers is avoided.
  • It is glue-free: always paying the maximum attention to the well-being of the dog, we made sure the toys get assembled without glue nor other toxic substances.
  • It is water-resistant and extremely tough.
  • It is eco-friendly: this “wood-like” material is
  • made of pine woodchips and tree cortex, therefore, no trees have been felled.

To make sure our products are long-lasting, safe and, of course, of the highest quality, we chose the material they're made of after long and careful research.

Innovation and research are, for us, a true commitment. Our goals are:

  • Guarantee the safety for dog and handler: the materials we use for our products are very tough and don't get easily ruined by use, therefore the dog is always safe.
  • Guarantee a long-lasting product, thanks to the advanced and original material and to our  ever-present attention to details.
  • Guarantee the well-being of the dog: all our Mental Activation toys are made of a special and patented material, characterized by its being nontoxic, glue-free and chemical coloring-free.


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